Flowgrammable is mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2014

Posted by: Jasson Casey 7 years, 5 months ago in Google Summer of Code, Open Source, OpenFlow, Software Defined Networking


Flowgrammable has been selected as a mentoring organization for the 2014 program of Google Summer of Code. As a result of this selection Flowgrammable has summer opportunities for university students who are interested in working on Software Defined Networking and contributing to the open source community.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

GSoC is a program administered by Google every year that aims to support existing open source projects and provide paid software development opportunities for university students from around the world. There are three types of participants in the program: Google, mentoring organizations, and university students. Google administers and funds the program, mentoring organizations provide projects and student mentoring, while students get paid to code. A successful project ends with a student's contribution accepted into the mentoring organizations code base.

The GSoC process begins with the selection of mentoring organizations. Flowgrammable submitted its application and mentored projects page a few weeks ago. We received notification earlier this week that we have been selected as a mentoring organization for GSoC 2014. A list of all the mentoring organizations can be found here

Flowgrammable Projects

All of our projects are related to OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking. Student developers will either be working on our OpenFlow stack, benchmarking of the stack, or develop applications that use the stack. A complete listing of potential projects can be found here; however, if you are comfortable with the area and have some unique ideas feel free to go beyond what is listed.

Application Process

Applications can be submitted from March 10th until March 21st. The application process for Flowgrammable projects is listed here. Here are some hints of what successful student applications would contain.

  • Must be organized, clear, and concise
  • State a clear objective/deliverable
  • State a process that maps out how the objective is accomplished
  • State a process for measurement of progress
  • Demonstrate students qualification to engage in the work

Additionally, we highly encourage students to join our mailing list and discuss some of their project ideas. This will help students refine their application and give us more opportunities to develop an understanding of the applicant's proposal.


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